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Doyle Holland Road Closing




MARCH 30, 2009

The Houston County Road & Bridge Department has closed a portion of Doyle Holland Road and it will remain closed until further notice. The road closure is at the bridge located near the intersection of Doyle Holland Road and Watford Road.

*end press release*

Check the map so that you know where it is. Use the Google map slider on the left to zoom in or out.

This is the road that runs between 231 South and County Hwy 203 and the bridge is the one that goes over Big Creek. This is what your tax dollars go for folks, that being your safety. No one wants to drive over bridges that have been weakened by floods.



Governor threatens Country Crossing - supporters turn out in the rain to show support

Thousands stood in the rain in Rip Hewes Stadium at a Country Crossing rally Saturday to listen to Ronnie Gilley speak about the Country Crossing development project.

The plans for the country music entertainment complex were threatened recently by the oddly timed formation of the Governor's Task Force to Stop Illegal Gambling by Governor Bob Riley.

The plans for the Country Crossing development project are based on electronic bingo being an economic facilitator to fund the music park to completion.

The Governor's Task Force to Stop Illegal Gambling was perceived as a direct threat to the project, hence the rally.

Read the article here.

Read Ronnie Gilley's letter to Governor Riley here.


Unsafe Toys - Still a problem

New regulations meant to protect children from dangerous chemicals and lead in toys don't go into effect until next year. I guess they were looking out for business interests first and children second when they wrote this legislation.

This means that there are still a lot of unsafe toys on the shelves and buyer beware. Check out this article from for tips on how to shop safely for your kids this year.

And for a more humorous (but still serious) look at the problem check out this JL Strickland article .

Post your comments on this news article here.


Bingo permit issued for Country Crossing

With a packed house of supporters and detractors in attendance, the Houston county commission voted in favor of issuing a preliminary bingo permit for the Country Crossing development project. The permit is the last thing the Commission needed to approve so that the project can proceed at full speed.

Now the project can only be halted through legal challenges brought by those in opposition. But Chairman Mark Culver has said that the county did an extensive examination of the legality of bingo before acting on existing laws.

Read the Dothan Eagle story here.

How do you evict a cop? Call the SWAT team...

A former Ozark police officer has been taken into custody after a standoff with the Dothan SWAT team.

SWAT team members from the Dothan Police Department and Houston County Sheriff's Office went to the scene.

The former cop was taken into custody.

After recent news of the two dothan Police Department rookies being suspended from a law enforcement school it makes me wonder what criteria the towns in our area uses when hiring these people. Read the Dothan Eagle story here.


Credit card tightening likely

Credit card holders, even those with good credit, will feel the pinch as the financial crisis trickles down through the economy.

As bank re-think their strategy, there will be higher rates and lower credit limits according to this Dothan Eagle article.


Doctor sex abuse case sent to grand jury

Dr. Gregory Johns was arrested on September 8 after a Dothan Alabama woman said he touched her inappropriately while she was undergoing treatment at Southeast Alabama Medical Center.

Since then his license to practice medicine has been revoked by the state board over the incident.

District Judge Brad Mendheim has now issued a ruling the will allow the case to be forwarded to the grand jury according to the Dothan Eagle newspaper.


Gas shortages in the Southeast should be gone within two weeks

The Southeast has been having shortages because most of its gas comes from Texas where refineries were shut down for Hurricane Ike. The rest of the country relies on other unaffected refineries or imports so the impact was less.

The pipeline serving the Southeast began operating a pre-hurricane levels last Monday. However, gas doesn't move through the pipeline as fast as the cars that use it. It takes days for gas to move into the Southeast from Texas.

13 of the 15 refineries shut down for Ike are back in operation and we're nearing the end of shortages. Read the Dothan Eagle article here.


Not much happening with the toll road project

Alabama counties have signed a resolution supporting the project but Florida counties balked over concerns of the toll road diverting traffic away from local businesses.

Additional public meetings have been on hold but may start up again after the first of the year. Read the Dothan Eagle story here.


No saggy britches

The Dothan Schools uniform dress code is nearing completion. The committee working on the proposal has drafted a policy and expects to present it to the School Board in November.

Among the recommendations: no saggy britches or shorts, no sleeveless shirts, no logos larger than a quarter, no home-made logos or patches, no flip-flops or sandals and no large belt buckles. Shirts must be tucked in.

The committee is also making recommendations for approved colors. Read the specifics here.


Jay Love for against better regulation or against it?

As quoted by WTVY, Channel 4 on the bailout legislation, State Representative Jay Love said:

"You know, we need something with real strong accountability, that reforms the system. The fact is we have to let the markets work, but also if you are receiving taxpayer dollars there needs to be some real reform and accountability in the process."

That sound a little like being for better regulation, then against it and then being for it. In just two sentences.

Shouldn't we have had smart regulation and strong accountability before the lack of it brought about the need for a taxpayer-funded bailout? Instead of the "market-knows-best" approach that got us in this pickle?

But the Republicans, like Jay Love, were for market-knows-best. Does the name Hoover ring a bell? The results of letting the markets work are all to obvious these days.


Democrats claim Republicans waging a negative campaign in 2nd Congressional District race

The Republican effort in the has primarily been focused on tying conservative Democrat Bobby Bright to the more liberal elements of the Democratic party.

According to Congressional Quarterly, Bright has remained higly competitive in spite of Republican spin.

Bright won the endorsement of the Blue Dog Coalition, a group of fiscally conservative Democrats. Bright and the Blue Dog Coalition are reminiscent of the South's pre-Reagan political heritage when Alabama was a blue state. Read the CQ article here.

Of course Jay Love, the Republican candidate, has also been trying to tie his fortune to the "fundamental of the economy are strong" McCain-Palin bus. You can bet he will be holding his breath during the Vice-Presidential debate this Thursday.


Fired Henry County deputies will not get hearing

The three deputies fired by Henry County Sheriff William Maddox submitted letters to the county Probate Judge asking for a hearing on their firing.

Sheriff Maddox gave the deputies an opportunity to resign according the this Dothan Eagle article.

The deputies were fired for visiting a casino when they should have been attending a law enforcement conference.

They were refused a hearing because they were hired by the Sheriff and were not under protection of county personnel policies. Doesn't look like this one is over yet.


Bailout Fails in the House

Republicans fail to deliver 12 promised votes. Read the gory details here.


Blue dots in a Red state

Joellyn Beckham's bumper stickers showing a blue dot on a red background symbolize a true-blue Democrat surrounded by a red state. She came up with the idea after John Kerry lost his 2004 campaign to George Bush.

But there are a lot more blue dots lately due to Obama's Presidential bid. Joellyn Beckham blue dot bumper sticker sales have exploded. Read the Dothan Eagle article.


Who doesn't need a bailout?

Jim Cook, columnist extraordinaire for The Dothan Eagle, wrote a nice little article that puts the Wall Street bailout in perspective. Read it here.


Donaldsonville readies for KKK rally

It's unfortunate for the residents of Donaldsonville, Georgia that the hate group picked their peaceful town as the site of a rally. Even worse, it is planned to take place during the annual Harvest Festival. Read the article here.

Hopefully everyone will just ignore it.


Publix Supermarkets coming to Dothan

The supermarkets will serve as anchors for two new shopping centers:

Westway - U.S. 84 West at John D. Odom Road

Cottonwood Corners - Ross Clark Circle at Cottonwood Road

The stores are planned to open in Fall, 2009. More information in this Dothan Eagle article .

There development company, Aronov Realty, has put up webpages for each project: Westway and Cottonwood Corners


National Peanut Festival events schedule

This Dothan Progress article has the Peanut Festival event schedule.


Alabama Power lowers requested rate hike

Alabama Power cut back its record rate hike request Tuesday by 43 percent. The requested increase was reduced from 14.6 percent to 8.24 percent for residential customers. Alabama Power also reduced the requested rate hike for commercial and industrial customers.

The Alabama utility regulatory board will decide Oct. 7 whether to approve the increase. If it is approved the higher rates will go into effect Oct. 9. Read the details in this Montgomery Advertiser article.


SEACT wants storage space added to Opera House

The Southeast Alabama Community Theatre has no storage space for sets used for opera house productions and has requested that a 30 foot space be added to the rear of the Dothan Opera House.

Past SEACT President Doug Mann wrote the Mayor asking for the needed space to be added. He also asked that the city buy the First National Bank building on Main Street to be used as rehearsal, storage and dressing rooms for opera house events.

"I would absolutely be against it," Downtown Dothan Redevelopment Authority Chairman James Grant said in this Dothan Eagle article.


Henry County Sheriff loses three deputies over misconduct

The Henry County Sheriff's Office is at half-strength after removals and is looking to hire two deputies and an investigator.

According to the Dothan Eagle article, Sheriff William Maddox would not say whether the deputies resigned or were fired.

The law enforcement officers are no longer employed after visiting a casino and sex store while attending an educational law enforcement conference in Orange Beach.


$1000 Bingo permit fee passes

The Houston County Commission passed the resolution which will require a stamp for all bingo machines operating in the county. The yearly bingo permit will cost $1000 per machine.

The resolution also requires a minimum $200 million investment for any new bingo operation. Read the Dothan Eagle story.


City of Dothan adapts to changing economy

Although tax revenues are less than expected, the City of Dothan is financially stable according to Mike West, Dothan City Manager.

The Dothan Eagle quotes West as saying "Dothan is financially stable today due to three years of planning for such difficult times as we are seeing now."

According to this Dothan Eagle article, city workers are not in danger of being laid off but the city is postponing large expenditures until the situation stabilizes.


McCain wrong choice for President?

We don't often hear stuff like this in Alabama. I came across this Letter to the Editor in the Eufaula Tribune and realized that this gentlemen has given the subject quite a lot of thought. It rambles a little but makes some strong points.

We are often so overwhelmed by campaign rhetoric and ideology that we seldom take the time to think about what is and isn't right. But it's obvious that the writer of this letter has thought about it.


Movie filmed in Dothan premieres at Birmingham film festival

90% of the Southern-fried comedy "Skiptracers" was shot in Dothan. The film, made by Andy Stuckey, Harris Mendheim and Brian Saliba, is about bail-bonding pee-wee football coaches in south Alabama.

"We didn't figure there were too many movies out there about that." says Andy Stuckey in The Birmingham News story.


Houston County Commission moves to place restrictions on bingo operations

The delays in Ronnie Gilley's Country Crossing project has given county officials time to think things through a little more.

They are now considering an annual $1,000 fee for bingo machines and only allowing bingo operations as part of larger economic development projects having capital investment of $200 million or greater.

This Dothan Eagle article, from the #1 Dothan Alabama newspaper, quotes Commission Chairman Mark Culver as saying "We have looked at other places as we have gone through this process, and decided we should do some things to make the rules more restrictive."


Cotton harvest comes early in the lower Southeast

Topsoil moisture is declining. Washington County producers hope to harvest their crops over the next two weeks.

Peanut growers in the Wiregrass area are hoping for rain showers to help late-planted peanuts mature and soften the soil, making digging easier. The peanut harvest should be in full swing in about 10 days.


Only light damage to Texas oil refineries

Refineries could be fully operation within three weeks with 75% coming back online this week.

Dan Pickering, research analyst at Houston's Tudor Pickering Holt and Co., is quoted by the Dallas Morning News as saying, "This is very lucky from a U.S. consumer perspective. There was the risk that 10 or 15 percent of U.S. refining capacity could have been out for a month or more, and now it looks like it's going to be a fraction of that. Within the next 10 days, everything's going to be back to, quote-unquote, normal."


Felony drug arrests in Henry County

Cocaine and marijuana were found after search warrants were executed at two residences as part of 3 month undercover operation. Four men were taken into custody, Jamar Laquan Cooke, 32, Ralph Thomas, 52, Anthony Lerone Blackmon, 31, and Daryl Ramon Wright, 37. Authorities are also looking for a fifth man, Jeremy Devence Blackmon, 25.

"They were two of the largest dealers of drugs in Henry County," says Henry County Sheriff William Maddox in the #1 Dothan Alabama newspaper, The Dothan Eagle.


Pat Thomas not seeking 2nd term as Dothan Mayor

Thomas, 52, is quoted in the #1 Dothan Alabama newspaper, The Dothan Eagle saying, "I think that 12 years of elected office is plenty."

Thomas called for dynamic "progressive, conservative" (oxymoron?) leaders to step up. He cites his business demands and the desire to spend more time with his family as the reasons for not looking to a second term as Mayor.


Love considers Wiregrass pivotal in 2nd Congressional District race

According to the the , #1 Dothan Alabama newspaper, The Dothan Eagle , both Jay Love and Bobby Bright have started running television ads in the Dothan market.

Bobby Bright pledges to run a positive campaign and challenges Love to do the same. We'll see...

Jay Love has jumped on the Palin bus and must be hoping it doesn't veer off course as investigations of Palin's short record continue to reveal direct contradictions to the way she is being presented to the American public. For example, she claims she said "No thank you" to the infamous Bridge to Nowhere but she actually was for it initially and accepted money for it from Congress. She switched her position when the bridge began to get national attention and didn't allow the bridge to be built but kept the money in Alaska.


Ike threatens refineries, Wiregrass gas stations running out

Lines at Dothan gas stations were seen on Thursday and continued thourgh Friday according to the #1 Dothan Alabama newspaper , The Dothan Eagle. Gas prices were as high as $5.29 and some stations were completely sold out Friday due to nearly one quarter of U.S. fuel production was shut down as a precaution as Ike approache the Houston area. Alabama Governer Riley declared a state of emergency on Friday in an attempt to stop price gouging.

Expect to see higher prices for a while. If the Texas refineries are not damaged by Ike, fuel production should resume withing a week to ten days. If they are damaged, it could be weeks or even months before they come back online.


"Not Dothan and not this synagogue"

So says Larry Blumberg about the problem of so many Jewish communities and synagogues fading away in other parts of the South.

The response has been strong to the ads Blumberg placed across the country offering Jewish families $50,000 to move to Dothan Alabama. That the Associated Press picked up the story has only added to the publicity.

"We're just so tickled it's drawing national, if not worldwide, attention to Dothan, Alabama." "It's telling Dothan's story, telling the story of Jewish folks throughout the South who are trying to rebuild their communities." said Rob Goldsmith, executive director of the Blumberg Family Jewish Community Services of Dothan as quoted by the Dothan Eagle, the #1 Dothan Alabama newspaper.


I thought ya'll might really enjoy this one

How does Dothan compare to New York City?

My big question is: How do these folks in New York City even know about Dothan?

And I think it's ironic that this article was posted on a New York City news site on...

...September 11 of all days when the Wiregrass area was holding not one but two 9/11 commemorative events.

Frankly my dear, I'd rather go to hell than New York city.

I'm sure ya'll can come up with your own comparisons of Dothan to New York City. Git the rope!


Delay for Country Crossing project

A cultural resources assessment, one of a number of studies done as part of the initial survey of the proposed Country Crossing site found Indian artifacts forcing a second, more detailed survey according to the Dothan Eagle, the #1 Dothan Alabama newspaper.

Ronnie Gilley asks for extension on contract to purchase land for the country music entertainment complex because of the delay.

Ron Reeves, a civil engineer, says that similar artifacts could be found on any farm in Alabama and that this is the first time in his 15 years as a civil engineer that he has seen a second study called for.

Could there be more going on here than just a routine land assessment?


Democratic candidate for 2nd Congressional District opens Dothan headquarters

Montgomery Mayor Bobby Bright opened his Dothan office today. Bright says he vote for Mike Huckabee in the Republican primary. Bright, a Democrat, is quoted in the Dothan Eagle saying of Huckabee "He's a Southern Baptist minister and I've been a Southern Baptist deacon for 14 years" and says he supports person over party.


"The District" nightclub barely gets liquor license for it's Dothan Historic District location

Dothan City Commission reaches an agreement after more than an hour of discussion on whether to grant liquor license. In defense of their plans for the nightclub, developer Ignacio Handle said "We don't want any troublemakers. We don't want any drugs. We want it to be a safe place." according to WTVY.


$50,000 Incentive to move to Dothan Alabama... if you're Jewish

A program initiated by Larry Blumberg, of the family that brought the first escalator to Dothan, is offering $50,000 to Jews willing to move to Dothan.

If they move here and remain involved with the Temple Emanu-El for five years the 50K doesn't have to be repaid according to the Associated Press.

So far none have accepted the offer and moved to a state known for conservative politics and, somewhat incorrectly, racial intolerance.

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