Unsafe Toys - Still a problem

by Never was a Bush supporter

I am appalled by the state this country is in. We have taken it for granted for so long that our government will protect us and I think that many still feel this is the case. It is not.

Of course there are those who think they need to protect themselves and usually they are the ardent NRA types. I would just remind them that you can't shoot an unsafe toy and everything will be better.

Our current, now lame duck, administration has been strong on NRA issues and not so strong on food and toy safety.

We are now a net importer of food. Think about it. Most of our food is imported and not subject to the same inspections as domestically produced food products. Our pets have been getting sick or dying from imported pet food. Our children are at risk from unsafe toys. This is not the United States I grew up in.

What has the Bush administration been doing for the last 8 years besides invading a country that wasn't a real threat to us in the first place and allowing our jobs to go to other countries. Shouldn't we expect a government that protects our interests first?

I have to say it. I blame the people whose poor judgement led them to vote for Bush not once but twice. All that energy put into patriotic flag waving a few years back would have been put to better use writing letters to our elected representatives demanding better government.

In the end it is the people who decide what kind of country we live in and what our priorities are.


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Oct 06, 2015
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