Dothan City Commissioners. Some frugal, some not

by Steve R.
(Dothan, AL)

I read with interest the story in the Dothan Eagle on the City Commissioners October trip to Washington. It seems that our elected commissioners felt it necessary to send a delegation of six to the Association of the United States Army annual meeting, the value to Dothan voters which is, at least, questionable but most likely unnecessary. Sounds more like an alternative to work and a nice paid vacation to me.

Commissioner Amos Newsome, who said he drove to save expenses, billed taxpayers the most for the trip, $2,127.54. Compare that to Commissioner Paul Lee who used his own frequent flyer miles and only stuck the taxpayers with a tab for $810.

I think this shows that at least some of our elected officials are taking the taxpayers for a ride.

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Travel rules for Commissioners
by: R.J.

I saw that story and just shook my head. I'm not as bothered by the fact that Dothan sent a delegation to the event (Ft Rucker is an important part of our local economy) as I am by the huge difference in the travel expenses by different commissioners.

Dothan should consider implementing travel guidelines and a limit on the allowed daily expenses. These tough economic times call for no less.

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